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F-22 Roll-Over Dolly

This system lifts and rolls the F-22 Center Fuselage section, and is used to transport it from Lockheed Martin's main assembly plant in Fort Worth, Texas to the paint hangar about a half mile away.  The system can move to 6 pre-programed heights and roll-angles, can be set for continuous roll, or be moved manually with jog buttons.  This system is sprayed with de-ionized water, primer, and paint on a regular basis and is heated to 120 degrees F to dry the fuselage after the DI water spray and cooked for several hours.  This system is designed to operate in an explosive atmosphere.  It uses 4 large servo motors - 2 the each drive two vertical self-locking screws, and 2 more that drive each end of the rotary axis.  DSC designed and built a second similar system a few months later that is used as the F-22 Rollover Wash Station.
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