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F-22 Vertical Stabilizer Drilling Machine

This system came online in 2004 a full 2 ships ahead of schedule and has reduced the span time and labor involved with drilling about 5,800 holes per ship. This is two 5-axis CNC drilling machines built by Applied International Motion in Lavern, California. The software that converts the CATIA vector and position data and merges it with a fastener database and a process control spec database was developed and written by DSC. A 3-D graphical user interface helps the programmer readily identify programming errors. The system also has a runtime component that automatically adjust the positioning of the drill head to the actual position of the assembly jig in real time. This software package can take virtually any 3-D data file and convert it to become the motion profile program for an articulated arm or gantry style positioning system. Adhesive application machines, drilling, part placement, etc. can benefit from being able to take a complex data set and merge it with other data that provides instructions based on a particular position and/or vector.
You define an XYZIJK position along with a fastner type, and the machine will drill the correct hole with the proper countersink depth and optimize the tool path for common hole sizes.
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