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F-22 Pole Model Remote Actuation System

The “Full Scale Pole Model” (FSPM) is used to test the radar cross section (RCS) of the F-22 Raptor. All of the flight control surfaces and engine control surfaces are functional. DSC designed the Remote Control Actuation System (RCAS) for these control surfaces. This allows a “pilot” located a mile and a half away from the aircraft to “fly” it through maneuvers from while the FSPM is mounted on a pylon being tested by a radar system.  The motion control system provided by DSC is partly housed inside the aircraft and partly at the radar control room.  It controls the leading edge flaps, ailerons, flaps, upper & lower convergent & divergent thrust vectoring surfaces, and the vane rotation and angle on the engine front-face. The system has been operating since 1996.
DSC also modified the positioner to be able to operate with the FSPM, which is indeed a full scale F-22 Raptor.  This positioner holds the target aircraft 90 feet above ground, tilts it from +5 to -30 degrees, and provides continuous azimuth rotation.
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