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F-22 Vertical Stabilizer 3D Projection System

DSC's AssemblyWorks system is a patent pending 3-dimensional optical projection system that was designed to aid users in the assembly process of complex systems - like airplanes, helicopters, submarines, ships, tanks, etc.  AssemblyWorks is the first member of the ProjectionWorks family of products.  Please visit the ProjectionWorks site for more general information on the AssemblyWorks system.

The system takes two output files from a CAD program - Catia is this case.  One file is the surface that will be projected on, and the other is what is to be projected.  The projected data is simply a list of objects from your 3D model.  In this application, holes are illuminated individually and the grip gun is used to measure their depth.  This data is stored during the measurements and linked to the specific hole that was measured.  After all the holes are measured a kit list is created that contains the exact count of each over 60 fastener part numbers.  Parts kits are created where the order matches the kit list.  Next, all the locations of a single fastener part number are displayed on the part.  After all these fasteners of this one P/N are installed, the operator hits the NEXT button and the location of the all the fasteners of the next P/N are displayed.
Although there a six Jigs that sequence through the fastener installation work cells, the system never has to be recalibrated to put the projectors into the coordinate system of the part.  The jig and projector placement is repeatable and thus a single calibration will last for years.  Calibration typically takes one to three minutes per projector.
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