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Grip Gun

This is a hand held device that measures the depth of holes and sends the data back to a computer. It is usually used in conjunction with DSC`s 3D projection system - ProjectionWorks, however it can be used with other systems as well. It comes in a power-over-ethernet wired version and also a wireless version. Accuracy is 0.001 inch. It plugs into an ethernet port on the computer. The operator makes one single squeeze of the hand to pull the gripper tight and the system automatically normalizes itself on the surface of the part and captures the depth reading and transfers it to the computer when the hole depth is determined.
When used with ProjectionWorks, the grip gun is capturing measured hole-depth values and the computer is connecting those values to a specific location that is being illuminated by the 3D projection system.  So, hole depths can be measured in large numbers very quickly by one person and fasteners can be installed in a later process.  This particular application is on the F-22 Vertical Stabilizer.
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