Delta Sigma Company

Delta Sigma Company (DSC) is an ISO 9001:2008 Registered Company, located in Kennesaw Georgia. We specialize in developing systems and tools to automate large, complex, precision assembly and manufacturing processes.

Design/Build Primary Competency
System Assembly

3D Projected Work Instructions, Fastener & Component installation

System Inspection

3D Projected Work Instructions, Vision or Laser Measurements

Aircraft Align & Mate

Flexmate Assembly System, Fuselage Mate, Wing Mate, Full Aircraft Mate, etc.

Aircraft Module Assembly

Align & Mate Fuselage Sections, Wing Sections, Stabilizer, Fastener or Component Installation


Module Manufacturing

Machining and Drilling Operations on Large Sub-Assemblies like Wings or Stabilizers

Radar Cross Section

Ogive Pylons, Positioners, Elevators, RCS Design, and Data Analysis & Predictive Software



12.03.2012 - DSC has won the 2012 Defense Manufacturing Technology Achievement Award! You can read the press release of this very exciting event for us at 
08.31.2011 - Vistagy Press Release announces partnership between SynchroFIT and ProjectionWorks.

08.24.2011 - The third generation of is launched.

08.17.2011 - DSC celebrates 4th consecutive year with no nonconformances on its ISO9001:2008 Audit.


ISO 9001:2008 (certification)

Member, Society of Aeronautical Engineers (SAE)
Kuka Robot Certified System Partner

Licensed GA Professional Engineering Company

Cognex/DVT Certified Integrator

DSC is the developer and manufacturer of the ProjectionWorks family of 3D Projection Tools

Delta Sigma is a founding member of the Computational Manufacturing Alliance.

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